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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is the practice and teaching of and research into the surgical management of orofacial abnormalities. This includes dentoavleolar surgery which is a core competency. Oral surgery also includes having knowledge of the management of salivary gland surgery, osteotomies and maxillofacial trauma without practical competence in these areas.

The Master of Science in Oral Surgery is intended to prepare a specialist who is proficient in providing surgical treatment for patients with orofacial abnormalities and oralfacial pain.

The programme is also intended to prepare students for future roles in the areas of clinical research in stimulating and encouraging development of a critical and inquiring attitude that is necessary for the advancement of practice, research and teaching in Oral Surgery.

During their programme, students will provide high quality Oral Surgery care. The students will become involved in service to their profession and to the community at large.

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