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Endodontics refers to the treatments of the tooth aimed at diagnosis, treatment and protection of infections in the pulp of the tooth. After successful endodontic treatments, it eliminates the infection and the tooth continues to function normally.

Beneath the enamel and the dentin, the soft tissues are the blood vessels and the nutritional supplies of the tooth known as the pulp. For several reasons, the pulp may be infected and inflamed.

Endodontists are specialist dental surgeons who perform endodontic treatments. The roles of the endodontists are to diagnose and treat the infection of the pulp before it widespread. Treatment to complex root canals, retreatment and endodontic surgery are the areas of speciality for endodontists.

Root canal treatment is the most common endodontic non-surgical procedure. It is necessary to drill down the enamel to reach the root canal for the removal of infected pulp. However, advanced invasive surgical procedures are required to treat severe infections of the pulp. Apicoectomy is the surgical process of treating the roots and the soft tissue below the tooth.

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